“New New Zealand” is a New Zealand tourism campaign to bring in a younger audience as a holiday destination, primarily targeting the backpacker and adventure tourism audience. The campaign describes the heritage of New Zealand, its rich history and its vibrant and energetic landscape. Telling a story of the creation of Aotearoa, its mysteries and culture & beauty to entice adventure seekers from around the world to experience a New New Zealand. The logo for the New New Zealand campaign was inspired by the Tino Rangatiratanga flag (Otherwise known as the Maori flag) and shares a similar story of the creation myth of Ranginui and Papatuanuku (Father Sky & Mother Earth).

The left side of the logo is the crashing waves from Papatuanuku, and on the right, the rising clouds of Ranginui locked in a loving embrace around Aotearoa. The Colour for the whole logo is a warm red, which ties back to Papatuanuku. Variations in Dark Blue are of Ranginui, and the White, bonelike colour represents the physical Realm of Light after the separation of the Primordial Parents.


Campaign includes

2 Posters

3 Brochures

4 page Magazine Advertorial

1 Te Reo Dictionary & Metal Pendant